Entotherapy is a unique drug delivery platform. This revolutionary technology is in the process of being beta tested in glioblastoma patients. Entotherapy is an image-guided drug-eluting microcylinder platform whose origins date to the absorbable sutures of the 1970s. Biopolymers used to form absorbable sutures are non-toxic. Microspherix leveraged this biocompatibility to solve oncology’s failed efforts in targeted drug delivery.

For the first time, chemotherapy administration is being evaluated in four-dimensions, starting with radiology scans to measure a tumor’s volume, followed by creation of computerized chemotherapy dose maps. Next, drug-eluting seeds are implanted into a tumor via needles inserted through burr holes in the skull. Over the ensuing weeks, the seeds are programmed to release their drug payload, optionally in conjunction with radiation treatments. The chemotherapy dose is concentrated, safe, and effective, and is devoid of the usual side effects because it is delivered without coursing through the general circulation.

Medical biopolymers possess predictable absorption rates, and can be selected to release therapeutic agents according to any schedule. The secret to the success of entotherapy is the inclusion of an imaging tracer within the seeds. This subtle yet powerful innovation enables physicians to build a “mosaic” of visible “drug halos” that completely envelops a tumor, leaving none of the malignant tissue untreated. By sidestepping the obstacles to drug delivery, including the blood-brain-barrier and faulty brain tumor blood flow, it is envisioned that entotherapy will cause a revolution in cancer care. Applications for treating virtually any solid tumor should be possible.

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